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News About Unclaimed Property

One billion remains unclaimed
If you're a little short on cash these days - you'll want to pay close attention to this next story.
(July 9, 2014, CHCH)

California hunts for veterans with unclaimed cash, mementos
Call it a bit of monetary patriotism for California's military veterans.
(July 6, 2014, The Sacramento Bee)

Rocky Miller's unclaimed property bill signed into law
First-term State Rep. Rocky Miller (R-124) continues to have an impact on the state as another of his bills -- this one relating to unclaimed property -- has been signed by Gov. Jay Nixon.
(July 9, 2014, Lake News Online)

Nevada unclaimed property office receives record number of claims
State Treasurer Kate Marshall today announced that her office received more than 11,131 individual claims in June, far surpassing the previous high mark for the month of June by more than 4,600 claims after posting its annual Unclaimed Property listing in newspapers across the State during that month.
(July 9, 2014, The Record-Courier)

Illinois Treasurer unclaimed property auction going on now
Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford's Unclaimed Property Auction is happening now until July 11.
(July 8, 2014, WREX)

Goss: State doesn't 'seize' dormant bank accounts
Recently, I received a call from a man who was upset about something he read online.
(July 9, 2014, The Telegraph)

Iowa gift cards forever honored
Many towns will push you to shop as local as you can. That includes buying friends and family gift cards in hopes that they spend money at those mom and pop shops.
(July 8, 2014, KIMT)

State Treasury returning $59,318 to 35 cities and towns
The Treasury's unclaimed property division will return $59,318 to 35 cities and towns, General Treasurer Gina M. Raimondo announced Tuesday.
(July 8, 2014, Providence Journal)

WV Treasurer's Office reaches $5 million in e-claims program
A state program to allow people to file electronic claims for their unclaimed property has paid a little more than $5 million to rightful owners since it started.
(July 3, 2014, The State Journal)

Kevin Hunt: State holding unclaimed $599 million: Look up your share here
State residents, past or present, have left behind nearly enough unclaimed property to pay for a new XL Center, the proposed downtown minor-league baseball stadium and the $55 refund once promised for every current taxpayer in Connecticut.
(June 28, 2014, The Courant)

State treasurer finds owners of $40 million in unclaimed property
Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel has announced that his office has returned more than $40 million in Unclaimed Property to more than 170,000 accounts in Fiscal Year 2014, which ended Monday. That's a 25 percent increase in accounts returned over Fiscal Year 2013.
(July 3, 2014, KSPR)

75 Magic Valley residents with unclaimed property
Many Idahoans' names, for one reason or another, end up on the state's unclaimed property list.
(July 1, 2014, Times-News)

Firm charges fee for refund data you can get free
A letter received by Judy Damico from something called the U.S. Claims Services said that "private investigators" had located $398 that the insurance giant WellPoint had unsuccessfully tried to refund to her.
(June 30, 2014, Los Angeles Times)

State announces unclaimed property notices sent
State Treasurer Neria Douglass is sending direct notice to over 3,000 Mainers with newly reported unclaimed property valued at $200 or more.
(June 26, 2014, Penobscot Bay Press)

Annual list of unclaimed property in Nevada due out Tuesday
The Nevada state treasurer will be publishing its yearly unclaimed property list in several of Nevada's newspapers at the end of the month.
(June 23, 2014, Las Vegas Review-Journal)

State announces unclaimed property notices sent
State Treasurer Neria Douglass is sending direct notice to over 3,000 Mainers with newly reported unclaimed property valued at $200 or more.
(June 26, 2014, Penobscot Bay Press)

Is Revenue Quebec keeping $300M of your cash?
Nearly a third of $1 billion belonging to Quebecers is sitting unclaimed at the provincial tax agency.
(June 25, 2014, CBC News)

Unclaimed items to be auctioned by Illinois treasurer
Nearly 9,000 pieces of unclaimed property, including vintage coins, jewelry, and presidential campaign buttons will be auctioned, according to Illinois' treasurer's office.
(June 24, 2014, WAND)

Your check could be in the mail
You may want to check your mailbox often over the next several days as PA Treasury prepares to return $21.8 million in unclaimed property to Lehigh county residents, businesses and organizations.
(June 20, 2014, Lehigh Valley News)

Treasurer Stenberg announces 2014 unclaimed property outreach schedule
The Unclaimed Property Division of the Nebraska State Treasurer's Office will kick off its 2014 outreach schedule on July 4 at the Fourth of July celebration in Seward, Treasurer Don Stenberg said today.
(June 24, 2014, Nebraska City News)

Department of Revenue reminds businesses unclaimed property reporting period ends June 30, due diligence begins June 1
Deadlines are quickly approaching for many businesses throughout the state and Jim McKeon, Unclaimed Property Program Manager with the Montana Department of Revenue wants to remind all businesses that the current reporting period for unclaimed property ends at the end of the month.
(June 17, 2014, KGVO)

Treasurer's office returns sentimental unclaimed property
Dave Casebolt thought he'd never again see the coins and jewelry he and his ex-wife put in a safety deposit box many years ago.
(June 18, 2014, Daily Mail)

Smart Money Team helping Rhode Islanders locate unclaimed property
When Cheryl Ursillo went to the Cranston Post Office to drop off her registered mail on Friday, she had no idea she was going to leave $100 richer.
(June 18, 2014, Warwick Beacon)

Alaskans, your unclaimed funds could be waiting
Millions of dollars are waiting to be claimed in the Alaska State treasury. Sounds too good to be true, right? But this is no fairy tale; it really does exist.
(June 16, 2014, 1Daily News-Miner)

State treasurer brings Treasure Finders to Letcher County
Kentucky Treasurer Todd Hollenbach is teaming up with county and city leaders across the state to return hundreds of thousands of dollars of unclaimed property.
(June 12, 2014, WYMT)

Indiana Partners with
In an effort to reunite Hoosiers with their unclaimed property, the Indiana Attorney General's Office is partnering with Xerox's, the comprehensive database of governmental unclaimed property records endorsed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA).
(June 6, 2014, The Wall Street Journal)

State selling unclaimed property with online auction
Wisconsin is about to sell unclaimed property, and it's the first time they will use an online auction to sell the items.
(June 7, 2014, WTAQ)

Want free money? Check your paper: State treasurer's office to publish unclaimed property list
State Treasurer Clint Zweifel June 11 announced Missourians will begin to see notifications listing the names of individuals, businesses and local governments that have Unclaimed Property in newspapers across the state on June 17.
(June 12, 2014, Neighbor News

75 Magic Valley residents with unclaimed property
Many Idahoan's names, for one reason or another, end up on the state's unclaimed property list.
(June 3, 2014, Times-News)

Transamerica and MetLife settle with Minnesota over 'lost' benefits
Two insurers are jointly paying the state of Minnesota $4 million to settle claims that they weren't doing enough to find and pay proceeds to the beneficiaries of unclaimed life insurance policies and other insurance products.
(May 29, 2014, Businessweek)

Safety deposit box auctions
Jim McKeon, the unclaimed property program manager with the State of Montana, talks about a new online auction that his department will begin at the end of June in an attempt to reach more bidders and fetch better prices.
(June 2, 2014, Independent Record)

Treasurer Fitzgerald adds more names to the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt
State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald announced he has more money to return to Iowans.
(May 30, 2014, The Vinton Eagle)

NAUPA gives Atkinson its lifetime achievement award
A State Treasurer's Office deputy has been given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, the second such milestone reached by a West Virginian.
(May 23, 2014, The State Journal)

State treasurer warns of possible scams
South Dakota State Treasurer Rich Sattgast is warning the public to check with his office before replying to anyone claiming they can assist in returning unclaimed property. While there are legitimate companies known as asset locators or finders who provide this service for a fee, others are scams.
(May 27, 2014,

95,000 veterans have unclaimed property; CalVet wants to help
Missing a Bronze Star or a Purple Heart? The State Controller's Office might have it. Controller John Chiang's office says it has 95,000 pieces of unclaimed property from people who served this country going back as far as World War One.
(May 23, 2014,

Treasure hunt online with the State of Florida
You do not need a metal detector or shovel. From the comfort of your air conditioning and an Internet connection you can dig up treasure from unclaimed property held by the State of Florida.
(May 29, 2014,

People finding unclaimed property & money
If you need a little boost in your bank account, we have something you should look into before you take out a loan or tackle a part-time job. (May 1, 2014, KELO)

Cash-A-Thon Nets $201,319 for WECT viewers
Our first-ever WECT Cash-A-Thon helped our viewers get hundreds of thousands of dollars in unclaimed cash back in their pockets.
(May 1, 2014, WECT)

Quick money that isn't a scam
It's the stuff of daydreams: What if, long ago, you'd left behind a few bucks in a forgotten bank account, and it's accumulated interest and is waiting for you to reclaim it?
(April 27, 2014, Kentucky Enquirer)

VA Treasury holding 2014 tangible property auction
The Virginia Department of the Treasury is pleased to announce the 2014 Tangible Property Auction is currently underway.
(April 24, 2014, The Southside Messenger)

Dormant bank accounts, reclaiming your cash
Jimmy Stroud has been tending to this same yard for 37 years. He's been at the same bank even longer. Along with his checking account, Jimmy opened a money market savings account several years ago.
(April 23, 2014, WSAV)

Treasurer Fitzgerald adds more names to the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt
State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald announced he has more money to return to Iowans. The spring publication of the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt is scheduled to begin soon and includes thousands of names that have been received in the last year.
(April 24, 2014, readMedia)

MONDAY ON ABC40 - 40 Force: Unclaimed Cash
The Commonwealth is holding onto billions of dollars in money and property that might belong to you.
(May 1, 2014, WGGB)

State's unclaimed treasures make pit stop in New Bedford
If you need a little boost in your bank account, we have something you should look into before you take out a loan or tackle a part-time job.
(May 1, 2014, The Standard-Times)

Millions of dollars worth of unclaimed property up for grabs
The unclaimed property auction has a variety of old and new age items, including vintage baseball cards, historic dollar bills, pocket watches, and jewelry.
(April 22, 2014, WWBT)

Ky. state treasurer returns more than $100 million in unclaimed property
Kentucky Treasurer Todd Hollenbach has returned more than $100 million in unclaimed property to its rightful owners in his six years in office. (April 12, 2014, Lexington Herald Leader.)

State treasurer shows off unclaimed property
The state treasurer gave a look at some of Missouri's unclaimed treasure Clint Zweifel Wednesday showcased some of the most personal items he safeguards in Unclaimed Property to the media.
(April 9, 2014, KSPR)

Get cash from your unclaimed property
Right now, $1 billion of unclaimed property waits for more than 3 million Washington residents. Unclaimed property includes forgotten paychecks, deposits, refunds, bank accounts and investments.
(April 9, 2014,

75 people with unclaimed property in Southern Idaho
Many Idahoan's names, for one reason or another, end up on the state's unclaimed property list.
(April 8, 2014, Times-News)

Alabama holding unclaimed property worth $500M
More than half a billion dollars is up for grabs says the Alabama State Treasury, which is in charge of unclaimed property.
(April 3, 2014, WSFA)

Treasurer: Refunds online for 3,900 LSU alums, former students defrauded by campus McDonald's
State Treasurer John Kennedy says 3,900 former Louisiana State University students can get refunds online for money lost to employee fraud at a McDonald's on campus.
(April 9, 2014, Daily Reporter)

PA Treasurer McCord: This trout season, don't forget to also go fishing for unclaimed funds
State Treasurer Rob McCord today highlighted some fishing-themed names in Treasury's free online database to encourage residents to find out if any of the $2.2 billion in unclaimed property Treasury holds belongs to them.
(March 31, 2014, Your Erie)

75 people with unclaimed property in Southern Idaho
Many Idahoan's names, for one reason or another, end up on the state's unclaimed property list.
(April 2, 2014, Times-News)

Red Cross regains unclaimed property
The American Red Cross is getting back nearly $10,000 in unclaimed property.
(April 3, 2014, KRCG)

Claiming unclaimed property
Some South Dakotans aren't relying solely on their income tax refund for a tidy financial windfall this spring. They're discovering long-forgotten or long-lost cash through the state treasurer's office.
(March 27, 2014, KELO)

Unclaimed funds await many Miss. residents
The state treasurer's office is pointing residents to the web to search for funds held in the unclaimed property program.
(March 31, 2014, WJTV)

I.R.S. takes a position on Bitcoin: It's property
The Internal Revenue Service may have just taken some of the fun out of Bitcoin. But that may mean that the virtual currency is growing up.
(March 25, 2014, The New York Times)

Ark. auditor planning unclaimed property auction
Arkansas Auditor of State Charlie Daniels is planning an eBay auction of unclaimed property. (March 27, 2014, KATV)

Unclaimed property inserts to be printed in W.Va. newspapers
Starting Thursday, the West Virginia State Treasurer's Office will publish lists of residents who have unclaimed property in the state.
(March 27, 2014, WSAZ)

Oklahoma treasurer searching for unclaimed property owners
Today could be your lucky day! The state treasurer has more than $518 million worth of unclaimed property that he is looking to reunite with more than 825,000 Oklahomans who are the rightful owners. (March 23, 2014, The Oklahoman)

Oregon auctioning unclaimed property
Bitcoin might be all the rage, but if you're into old-school currency the state next week will give you a chance to get a $20 bill from the Confederacy.
(March 26, 2014, The Herald)

OK Senate approves $40M for OKC Indian museum
A planned Native American museum along the banks of the Oklahoma River that has become a shuttered, unfinished curiosity in the state's capital city received a $40 million boost on March 4 from the Oklahoma Senate.
(March 27, 2014, Cherokee Phoenix)

Unclaimed property report to be published soon
More than 37,500 names were added to the Nebraska State Treasurer's unclaimed property list in 2013 and are included in the annual Unclaimed Property Report to be published in March and April in Nebraska newspapers, State Treasurer Don Stenberg said today.
(March 19, 2014, Fremont Tribune)

Inserts seek owners of W.Va. unclaimed property
State Treasurer John Perdue's office is using newspaper inserts this month in an attempt to locate people with unclaimed property.
(March 26, 2014,

Wyoming treasurer unites more than $300,000 with owners
State Treasurer Mark Gordon says his office recently helped reunite more than 1,400 people with more than $300,000 in unclaimed funds.
(March 26, 2014,

Treasury returns $188,000 in unclaimed property
The Louisiana Department of the Treasury refunded more than $188,000 in unclaimed monies at an Unclaimed Property Awareness and Refund The Tolls event this past Saturday at Oakwood Center in Gretna, according to State Treasurer John Kennedy.
(March 14, 2014, Insurance News Net)

W.Va. unclaimed property website expanded
West Virginia is expanding the website of unclaimed property to include listings of $25 or more.
(March 11, 2014, Charleston Gazette)

Charlottesville businesses collect unclaimed property funds
An offer of free money is usually too good to be true, but several Charlottesville businesses learned today that money is being put back in their pockets thanks the Virginia Treasury.
(March 11, 2014,

Unexpected find nets woman $50K
Sharon Finn of Cranston had always heard about the Rhode Island Treasury's Unclaimed Property Division, but admits she never thought she would find money through it.
(March 12, 2014, Cranston Herald)

Chiang awarded Lawyer of the Year for protecting life insurance policyholders and beneficiaries
State Controller John Chiang will tonight be presented with an award for being a "Lawyer of the Year" by the California Lawyer magazine.
(March 11, 2014, Insurance News Net)

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